ABHS regularly publishes two quarterly publications, and occasionally publishes one-time material such as manuals, Sunday school educational materials, videos, t-shirts, and more.

Primary Source
Quarterly newsletter about the American Baptist Historical Society. This newsletter is free, and available online or in print.

American Baptist Quarterly (ABQ)
Quarterly journal of American Baptist history. You can find sample articles, pricing, and contribution guidelines if you follow the link above.

Items for Sale
ABHS also occasionally publishes short tracts, videos, t-shirts, and other materials. For a list of these materials and instructions for ordering, follow the link above.

Download Free Newsletter
Copies of ABHS's free newsletter, Primary Source, can be downloaded here.
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Subscribe to ABQ, the American Baptist Quarterly, online or by mail. To Subscribe online, go to our donation page and fill out the membership and payment information, and in the comment section, say it is a renewal or new subscription for the ABQ.
For ABQ Authors
Instructions for writing and submitting articles to ABQ can be found in the Guidelines for Authors.
See Inside ABQ
Read two sample articles from inside the American Baptist Quarterly.