Along with ABHS’s two major quarterly publications, the Primary Sourc and the American Baptist Quarterly, ABHS has also published manuals, pamphlets, videos, and other one-time productions. These materials are listed below for sale. To order, call us to confirm availability and mail in the order form

Doing Church History – Your Own!
Edwin S. Gaustad
A manual on how to write a history of your church, with a series of guidelines to assist church members on the various ways to document and celebrate your own church history. Includes pamphlet by Gaustad. $15
Also Available in Spanish
¡Usted Puede Narrar y Preservar la Historia Desu Iglesia!

Envoy of Grace: Life of Helen Barrett Montgomery
A biographical sketch plus the text of Montgomery’s address to the June 1922 Northern Baptist Convention. $4

You Can Hear The Whistle Blow
Video traces the history of colporters and railroad chapel car missionaries who spread the Gospel by preaching, teaching, baptizing and establishing Sunday Schools and churches. (19 mins.) VHS – $20.95

Pilgrimage of Faith
An American Baptist timeline of people, places and events. Perfect for Sunday school classes, youth groups and adult forums.
Single — $1.25     25 or more — $.50 ea.

Bringing Our Legacy to Light
Stories of missionaries Joanna P. Moore, Astrid Peterson, and chapel car mssionaries, told by the people who knew and researched them. Gives insight into the valuable collections held by ABHS. By popular demand, includes a specially prepared discussion guide. Perfect for Sunday school classes, youth groups and adult forums. (20 min. DVD) $5

Historical Society Tee Shirts
“Baptist Make A Splash!” (Lg, XLg) White only. $10

Keepers of the Faith
Illustrated Biographies from Baptist History
In graphic novel style, this 135 page book gives a brief story of many important Baptists.    $3

Down by the Riverside: a Brief History of Baptist Faith
This book by Everett Goodwin tells of the origins, foundations beliefs of the Baptist faith.
130 pages.  $15

Good News: Mather School
DVD of the story of Mather School in South Carolina.  $20

Railway to Heaven
DVD Story of the Chapel Cars, including those sponsored by the Northern/American Baptist Churches             $5

ABHS Brochure
This pamphlet is free

Family Information Brochure
This small booklet contains places to keep information like baptisms, medical information, military service, etc.  Free



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