American Baptist Historical Society Memberships

Membership Circles
(Memberships are for the
calendar year)

Annual Gift of

Ann Hasseltine Judson Circle


­             subscription (digital or print) to Primary Source

Henry Lyman Morehouse Circle


­              Subscription (digital or print) to Primary Source
              Participation in “Time Travelers,” reciprocal museum/archives program

Lulu Fleming Circle


­         benefits listed above, plus
­         1 hour of “Research-by-mail” discounted by 50%
­          listing as donor in annual report

Jitsuo Morikawa Circle


­          benefits listed above, plus
­          Baptist history publication  — potluck!
­         pair of tickets to Biennial breakfast

Samuel DeWitt Proctor Circle


­        benefits listed above, plus
­        subscription to American Baptist Quarterly discounted by 50%
­        pair of tickets to an invitation-only dinner prior to annual lecture

Helen Barrett Montgomery Circle


­         benefits listed above, plus
­          private archives tour (subject to staff availability)

Samuel Colgate Donors

$5001 & above

­         benefits listed above, plus
­        2 hours free consultation with staff archivist

Living Heritage Society

inclusion in estate plan

­           inclusion on a special plaque in ABHS Reading Room

To become a member, you can click here and donate on our secure donation site, or print and mail the Membership Form with a check.

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